Reagent Kits

The BioTX Lab Suite's Protocol and WellAware Modules can be easily programmed to work with any reagent kit. BioTX has provided links to preprogrammed protocols and electronic Standard Operating Procedures (eSOPs) for several popular kits from a number of manufactures. Click a company name to visit their site and learn more about the instruments and reagent kits available from that company.


BioTX Lab Suite Protocol File

BioTX Lab Suite eSOP File

AmpFlSTR Identifiler PCR kit-15uL
AmpFlSTR Identifiler PCR kit-16.5uL
Quantifiler Human DNA kit
SNPlex System kit_3130xl
AmpFlSTR COfiler Plus_25uL
AmpFlSTR COfiler Plus_50uL
AmpFlSTR Profiler Plus_25uL
AmpFlSTR Profiler Plus_50uL
AmpFlSTR IdentifilerKit 15uL
Quantifiler Human DNA kit
SNPlex System Amplif 3130xl
SNPlex System Amplif 3130 1-Channel
COfiler kit_25uL
COfiler kit_50uL
Profiler Plus kit_25uL
Profiler Plus kit_50uL
Profiler COfiler 25uL Combo
Bovine Genotypes Panel 1.1 kit

Bovine Genotypes Panel 1.1 Kit-col

  Quant-iT RiboGreen kit
Plexor qPCR system kit_Cat A4011
Promega PCR Master Mix kit
Promega PCR Master Mix
Promega Plexor qPCR system kit