Original WellAware

BioTX's original WellAware Pipet Navigation Systems are ideal for forensic, sequencing, PCR, microarray and HLA labs. Our systems are commonly used for the following tasks:

  • Cherry Picking of samples
  • Hit Picking
  • Sample Sorting
  • Accessioning of Samples
  • PCR & Sequencing Setup
  • Normalization of samples to a standard concentration
  • Dilutions
  • Real Time PCR Setup
  • ELISA Processing
  • Backup for fully automated labs

All WellAware systems use the BioTX Lab Suite software modules to quickly setup and pipet lab protocols. All systems feature hands free operation during pipetting with our TipAware II infrared sensor. In addition, we have a number of accessories that add additional functionality to WellAware. Depending on your space and budget, WellAware has several PC hardware options too. To make system selection easier, we have assembled application specific configurations based on your specific lab processes. WellAware is easily customized and is compatible with many lab instruments. All of the systems come with two hours of customization which is sufficient to automate LIMS data importing or modify an existing Excel spreadsheet. BioTX routinely customizes WellAware to work with our client’s internally developed Excel spreadsheets and LIMS data. This allows automatic generation of eSOPs which are used by WellAware to guide the user during pipetting. Still not sure, check out the testimonials to see what others are saying about WellAware.

BioTX Lab Suite Software Modules

WellAware Pipet Navigation Systems use the BioTX Lab Suite's software modules to automate many common laboratory tasks. The BioTX Lab Suite is composed of four software modules:

WellAware Module
The WellAware module is the core module of the BioTX Lab Suite software used to setup sorting and hit picking operations and for the Pipetting of electronic Standard Operating Procedures (eSOPs)

Protocol Module
The Protocol module is used to setup PCR, Sequencing, ELISA and Genotyping protocols

Norm Module
The Norm module works with spectrophotometers and real time PCR instruments for DNA & protein normalizations and serial dilutions

Labeling Module
The Labeling module is used in the printing of barcode labels for vials, plates and other items


There are several accessories and upgrades available for BioTX's WellAware Systems. These extras allow for further customization and maximization of the capabilities of WellAware. Click an image below to learn more.


Ergonomic Stands

Barcode Printer

Barcode Imager

Barcode Labels

PCR Coolers

Waterproof Keyboards

Hands free control


There are multiple hardware configurations available with WellAware to suit any labs needs. Click a configuration to learn more.

BioTX offers an all-in-one industrial slate PC preloaded with WellAware to get you up and running immediately.

Alternatively, you can purchase the WellAware software separately and install it on a Motion Computing J3400 or J3500 Slate PC.

If you wish to operate the BioTX Lab Suite software with a standard desktop PC, BioTX offers a 17" water sealed monitor with an ergonmic stand.

Application Specific Configurations

BioTX Lab Systems are designed for a variety of pipetting and sorting applications. All systems significantly reduce pipetting errors, speed pipetting, and allow full documentation of protocols. BioTX offers an assortment of computer systems and accessories which allow BioTX Lab Systems to be tailored to the lab’s requirements. Click a system below for more details.

Hit Picking & Cherry Picking System Sample Sorting & 
Accessioning System
PCR, Sequencing and ELISA
Normalization System HLA & Forensic System Real Time PCR & 
Microarray System
Rotary PCR System Forensic with
Labeling System
Full WellAware System

Compatible Instruments

WellAware easily integrates with most any lab instrumentation. Below is a short list of instruments, from several different companies, that our clients have used successfully with WellAware. Click a product to visit their site and learn more information.

Applied Biosystems
310 Genetic Analyzer
Applied Biosystems
Real Time PCR Systems
NanoDrop 1000
NanoDrop 8000
Rotor-Gene 6000
96-Well Piko PCR Plates
24-Well Piko PCR Plates


Our customers report real time savings when using WellAware over regular manual pipetting. Most customers report 50% to 90% time reductions from manual pipetting without WellAware when doing hit picking. With WellAware voice and light navigation, pipetting mistakes are virtually eliminated. Our customers also report reduced training times and managers appreciate how WellAware tracks user performance through time stamped eSOP documentation. Below are testimonials from satisfied customers.

"Our lab has been using the Tablet PC version of WellAware since September of 2005 to reduce pipetting errors and to speed our pipetting. The new software we received in April is much easier to use and has reduced our PCR setup and pipetting time in half.”    "We purchased two of BioTX’s WellAware units to simplify and improve a highly repetitive and labor intensive cherry-picking process in our lab. With its custom LIMS data importer, barcode scanning and voice feedback, what once took two people two hours now takes one person about twenty minutes."
Dr. Keith O’Neill,
Director of Special Projects
at MIT’s Broad Institute.
  Dr. David Buck,
Senior Vice President
Operations for Cogenics™,
a Division of Clinical Data® in Houston