We often get the question how is WellAware II different than Gilson’s Trackman or other LED based pipetting systems:

·         WellAware II can do all the basic pipetting functions that Trackman can plus it works with 24 & 48-well plates in addition to the 96 and 384-well plates that work with Trackman.

·         WellAware II can be operated hands-free with the built-in TipAware light sensor. Trackman requires an add-on footswitch to be operated hands-free.

·         Unlike Trackman, WellAware II can be used to accession vials into microplates by using WellAware II's touch screen keypad or by using an optional USB barcode imager or keyboard.

·         WellAware II can also be easily programmed with a text file for either hit picking or to guide the loading of barcoded vials into specific wells of a microplate. In addition, WellAware II can be used to guide the placement of barcoded items (buccal swab cuttings, bacterial colonies, etc.) into microplate wells.

·         WellAware II can be used to guide complex pipetting protocols like PCR or ELISAs.

·         Finally, WellAware II is a fully functioning Android tablet so apps can be downloaded to add additional functionality.