There are several accessories and upgrades available for BioTX's WellAware Systems. These extras allow for further customization and maximization of the capabilities of WellAware. Click an image below to learn more.


Custom Racks
Custom Racks
Ergo Stands
Ergonomic Stands

Barcode Printer

Barcode Imager

Barcode Labels

PCR Coolers

Waterproof Keyboards

Hands free control



Custom Racks

Universal Mixing Rack - Cat#: BM-000267

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The Universal Master Mix Rack ideal for PCR setup and keeps critical reagents cool in a removable cool block that has holes for four 2ml vials. All the other vials are kept at room temperature and there are positions in regular patterns that will hold a variety of plastic labware. If you are a kit provider, these racks will help assure that your protocols will be consistently followed. When used with WellAware or other illuminated pipet trackers, the holes in the Universal rack are illuminated from below during pipetting to guide the operator during PCR and Master Mix preparation.

Universal Mixing Rack


WellAware 48 Position Rack - Cat#: B50020-01

This injection molded WellAware compatible rack has 48 locations for 1.5ml and 2ml vials. Made out of polypro. 40 position rack


WellAware 40 Position Rack - Cat#: PS-300140

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This two sided WellAware compatible rack has 40 locations for 2ml vials on one side and 40 locations for 0.5ml vials on the other side. Made out of machined polypro. 40 position rack


Ergonomic Stands

Compact Tablet & Slate PC Stand - Cat#: A214

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This WellAware II or WellAware Slate PC stand elevates your screen for cool computing and comfortable viewing. It’s a flexible, height-adjustable stand which allows you to raise your screen to an ergonomic viewing height when using the PC and it folds down to a comfortable pipetting height when using WellAware. Add a full-size keyboard and mouse to recreate the comfort and productivity of a desktop computer, or use this stand to share your screen for presentations and meetings.

The WellAware Slate PC stand also enhances airflow around your computer, keeping it cool. Best of all, it is extremely portable—it collapses to fit in your pocket or your computer bag. WellAware Slate PC stand adjusts to support laptops of all widths, and supports weights up to 12 pounds.

WellAware Slate PC Stand

Barcode Printer

Brady TLS Label Printer - Cat#: A301

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For use with our original WellAware systems, the TLS-PC Link™ Thermal Transfer Printer offers thermal transfer printing, bar coding, label storage and multiple material configurations. The TLS-PC Link printer is commonly used for printing vial and microplate labels and asset ID labels. It is designed for medium volume: 100 - 500 labels per day. Windows™ drivers allow the unit to print labels from: the BioTX Lab Suite, Brady's LabelMark™ software, or any Windows software application available. The Labeling Module of the BioTX Lab Suite can be used in conjuction with this Brady printer to print vial and plate barcode labels. This printer can print linear (3 of 9 and Code128) and 2D (Datamatrix) barcode labels.

Brady Printer

Barcode Imager

Metrologic USB Barcode Imager - Cat#: A402

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WellAware II and our original WellAware can be upgraded with a barcode imager for scanning barcoded plates and vials. This imager can read most linear and 2D barcode symbologies. Barcoding eliminates typing errors and significantly speeds vial to plate sample accessioning and hit picking operations. The BioTX Lab Suite Labeling Module can print barcoded labels for plates or vials with the optional barcode printer upgrade.


Barcode Labels

Code Application / Description
F Freezer Environment
N Liquid Nitrogen Environment
A Autoclave Environment
H Hot Water (100 C) Baths
S Self-Laminating Label
L Low Profile (Extremely Thin) Label
R Removable
Dimensional Drawings
Label Diagram3 Label Diagram Label Diagram2

Part Number Dim
Dim A
Dim B
Dim C
Labels /
Max Tube
Dia (mm)
Ribbon Codes



Add to Cart A312 

 R4310 Ribbon 


Laboratory - 0.2 ML PCR Tube

PTL-108-461 1.500 0.187 0.700 750   R4310 F N A H S L

Laboratory - 0.5 to 0.7 ml Tube

PTL-11-498 0.750 0.500   5000   R6210 F R
PTL-11-499 0.750 0.500   500   R4310 F N A
PTL-84-499 0.900 0.500   500   ;R4310 F N A
PTL-16-498 1.000 0.375   500   R6210 F R
PTL-16-499 1.000 0.375   500   R4310 F N A
PTL-98-499 1.000 0.375 0.375 500   R4310 F N A
PTL-73-461 1.800 0.375 0.750 500 8 R4310 F N A H S L
PTL-72-461 1.800 0.500 0.750 500 8 R4310 F N A H S L
PTL-74-427 2.200 0.500 0.750 100 11.4 R4310 F N S
PTL-74-461 2.200 0.500 0.750 100 11.4 R4310 F N A H S L

Laboratory - 1.5 to 2.0 ml Tube

PTL-84-499 0.900 0.500   500   R4310 F N A
PTL-76-461 1.625 0.600 1.000 250 12 R4310 F N A H L
PTL-74-427 2.200 0.500 0.750 100 11.4 R4310 F N S
PTL-74-461 2.200 0.500 0.750 100 11.4 R4310 F N A H S L
PTL-86-461 2.625 0.600 1.000 100 13 R4310 F N A H S L
Add to Cart A310 2.625 1.000 1.000 100 13.00 R4310 F N A H S L

Laboratory - Well Plate Labels

Add to Cart A311 1.900 0.250              750                  R4310   F N A        
PTL-81-488 1.900 0.250   750   R4310 F A
PTL-2-423 2.000 0.250   100   R6010 F A

PCR Coolers

PCR Cooler with 96-Well Tray - Cat#: A096

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PCR Cooler with 384-Well Tray - Cat#: A384

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Our clients have asked for the ability to cool samples while loading microplates in order to reduce evaporation during the pipetting process on WellAware. The cooling trays in conjunction with an ice bath and a pump provide over five hours of cooling with out refilling the ice. The WellAware Cooler will keep your plates over 10°C cooler than room temperature which is sufficient to significantly reduce evaporation during pipetting of small volumes. The cooling trays are available for 96 or 384-Well plates.


Waterproof Keyboard

BioTX Waterproof Keyboard with Mouse - Cat#: A815

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Waterproof & Dustproof Silicone USB keyboard with built in mouse. This keyboard is virtually indestructible and features a unique combination of durability and soft, comfortable feel. The silicon-based material is impervious to most anything including water, coffee and cleaning solutions (10% bleach or ethanol).


Hands Free Control

TipAware II USB Hub and Infrared Sensor - Cat#: A351

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This three port USB hub and sensor allows hands-free control of the WellAware software during pipetting. To use, place simply place TipAware between the operator and the trash can. When pipetting the operator's arm will pass over TipAware whenever the pipet tip is discarded into the trash can. When the arm passes over the infrared sensor the advance command is sent to WellAware and the next pipetting step is automatically displayed. TipAware ensures tip removal during pipetting and connects to any PC with an available USB port.



2-Button USB Footswitch - Cat#:A300

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This versatile and comfortable USB foot switch allows hands-free control of WellAware during pipetting. The two buttons allow the operator to proceed to the next pipetting step, back up a step or exit the program hands-free. Easily connects to any PC with an available USB port. Includes a six foot USB cable.