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WellAware II and our original WellAware are personal automation systems which use Light and Sound cues to guide an operator during manual pipetting of a lab protocol or for sorting items into the wells of microplates. 

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BioTX’s WellAware Pipet Navigation Systems are designed for a variety of pipetting and sorting applications and significantly reduce pipetting errors, speed pipetting, allow data transfer to and from lab instrumentation and allow full time-stamped documentation of completed protocols. This makes WellAware is ideal for acedemic, forensic, sequencing, PCR, microarray and HLA labs.

Our systems are commonly used for the following tasks:

  • Cherry Picking of samples
  • Hit Picking
  • Sample Sorting
  • Accessioning of Samples
  • PCR & Sequencing Setup
  • Normalization of samples to a standard concentration
  • Dilutions
  • Real Time PCR Setup
  • ELISA Processing
  • Backup for fully automated labs
WellAware II


There are several accessories and upgrades available for BioTX's WellAware Systems. These extras allow for further customization and maximization of the capabilities of WellAware. Click an image below to learn more.

Custom Racks
Custom Racks
Ergo Stands
Ergonomic Stands

Barcode Printer

Barcode Imager

Barcode Labels

PCR Coolers

Waterproof Keyboards

Hands free control


Our customers report real time savings when using WellAware over regular manual pipetting. Most customers report 50% to 90% time reductions from manual pipetting without WellAware when doing hit picking. With WellAware voice and light navigation, pipetting mistakes are virtually eliminated. Our customers also report reduced training times and managers appreciate how WellAware tracks user performance through time stamped eSOP documentation. Below are testimonials from satisfied customers.

"Just wanted to touch base and tell you how thankful I was that we had the WellAware on-line in the lab. Last week our main robotic workstation we use to set up PCR reactions had to be taken off-line and serviced. Getting the service people into the lab took about a week and a half. In that time our analysts were able to continue to use plate setups (as opposed to tubes) for our large casework batches because the WellAware was here. From an administrative standpoint it definitely helped our efficiency remain high during the period where our main robot was down. Several analysts commented that they were glad they had the WellAware available to them."

Shawn Montpetit,
DNA Technical Manager
SDPD Crime Laboratory

"Our lab has been using the Tablet PC version of WellAware since September of 2005 to reduce pipetting errors and to speed our pipetting. The new software we received in April is much easier to use and has reduced our PCR setup and pipetting time in half.”    "We purchased two of BioTX’s WellAware units to simplify and improve a highly repetitive and labor intensive cherry-picking process in our lab. With its custom LIMS data importer, barcode scanning and voice feedback, what once took two people two hours now takes one person about twenty minutes."
Dr. Keith O’Neill,
Director of Special Projects
at MIT’s Broad Institute.
  Dr. David Buck,
Senior Vice President
Operations for Cogenics™,
a Division of Clinical Data® in Houston