Lab Automation

The core of BioTX's laboratory automation technology is its Rapid Automation Development System (RADS™). Using state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling software, BioTX can quickly design and fabricate complex ABS plastic tools for attachment to any robot. BioTX has proven experience with robotics, software development and life science techniques. Our proprietary RADS technology allows BioTX to automate laboratory or light assembly processes  in weeks instead of months. Click the images below to see two RADS automation platforms that were developed for LabAutomation 2005. Our standard end effectors and plate stackers can be used to quickly automate diverse lab protocols. In the event your process requires custom tools, RADS allows tools to be rapidly designed, fabricated and tested in hours instead of days, allowing you to get your process automated quicker.

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RADS Robotic Platforms Developed for LabAutomation 2005

Petri Dish Plating robot

Blood Card Punching robot

Plating Robot
Blood Card Punching Robot