BioTX Team Members

James D. Frost III President/CEO and Board Member

James D. Frost III Mr. Frost, the founder of BioTX Automation, Inc. (BioTX), has 25 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. Most of that time was spent with a company he founded and helped grow into a $40 million dollar organization, Genosys Biotechnologies, Inc. Genosys became one of the most successful synthetic DNA manufacturers in the world (it has operations in the U.K., Japan, Australia, Canada, Israel, and India). The rise of Genosys was largely due to an automated DNA synthesis platform, the Abacus, which Mr. Frost developed with Dr. Ken Beattie while at Baylor College of Medicine.

Tim McGrath - Consultant and Board Member
Tim McGrath Mr. McGrath has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. He has worked for industry leaders such as Millipore, Zymark (now Caliper Life Sciences), and Beckman. He has also served as President of Genosys and CEO of Xeotron Corporation. Mr. McGrath is a technical consultant for several private firms. He is an active advisor to management on strategy, operations, and marketing and sales.

David Maier - Controller and Board Member
David Maier Before BioTX, Mr. Maier served as Controller of Genosys from 1991-2003. He was responsible for all accounting and financial departments. He administered all benefits, wages, and salaries. In addition, he managed vendor relationships for the 401K plan and the hospitalization/major medical and bonus programs. Mr. Maier holds a degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Michigan State University. He is an active advisor to management on accounting and financial matters.

K. Susie Adams - Office Manager, Legal Consultant, HR Adviser
K. Susie Adams After completing her undergraduate education at Northwestern and Stanford Universities, Susie Adams began her career as an industrial engineer at Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas where she worked for three years. She then spent a year on Wall Street working as a computer-data analyst for General Electric. She then returned to Houston to attend University of Houston’s Law School. Following her graduation from law school, Susie was an in-house trial lawyer for Gulf Oil Co/Chevron for 12 years followed by 3 years in private practice. After electing to stay home to raise children for 10 years, Susie joined her husband, James Frost, at BioTX where she is office manager/legal consultant/human resource adviser.

Janet Bensema - Customer Service/ Sales Specialist
Janet Bensema Janet graduated with a B.S. degree in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University. She worked for over eight years at Genosys Biotechnologies as the Laboratory Supervisor over all aspects of the DNA production. Janet left her job at Genosys Biotechnology in 1997 to be a stay at home mom. By 2004 Janet was ready to work again, so she called James Frost and immediately began working at BioTX. She shifted to work in the sales department at BioTX in 2005. Janet believes in James and the company, which makes it exciting to work at BioTX. She saw James grow Genosys, and she wants to be a part of BioTX as it develops and grows.

Jeremy Lyles - IT Specialist
Jeremy Lyles Jeremy Lyles began working at BioTX while still attending high school in 2003. Since then, Jeremy has worked on many high profile projects for the company. He manages the SQL Database and has developed standalone hardware and software applications. He also assisted in programming a custom automation project designed to automate Petri dish handling and he helped design a Blood card punching system. He helped develop a robotic vision system for high throughput punching/handling of Whatman FTA blood cards. For the USGRD, he was the lead developer for an online, searchable database containing over 1,000,000 records. He also developed firmware for a PIC 18f used to control pumps and motors in a DNA synthesizer. Finally, he is the creator of various web sites / marketing materials using HTML, PHP, Flash, Photoshop, and ASP.NET for BioTX.

Scott Rippetoe - Engineering Team
Scott Rippetoe Born in Dallas, TX, Scott Rippetoe works at the Academy of Science and Technology has been married to wife Suzanne, a teacher at McCullough Jr. High, for over twenty years. He is the proud father of two children, Michael and Marta. His hobbies include RC flying, volleyball, stained glass, mowing, fishing, and electronics. Mr. Rippetoe is the current Guinness Record holder for the largest playable electric guitar, and he has a star, "The Big Ripper," that was named after him by his students. He has a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters of Science in Science Education. He worked at BioTX in the summer of 2008 and 2009 programming pic chips and helping with the engineering of pipettes, and teaching all of us a greater love and understanding of the world of Physics.

Daisy May - Director of First Impressions
Daisy May As Director of First Impressions, Daisy May has brought a sense of mission and purpose to all employees. When not in her director’s chair, she is usually taking her place next to the front door, eagerly awaiting each new visitor. Never shy, she approaches each guest, client, and employee as they enter the building with the eager confidence of a born leader. Seldom does anyone receive less than her full attention especially at lunch time. Occasionally, a passing feline or canine might distract her, but only briefly. She has been with BioTX since the doors opened in 2003. She has brought some of her favorite toys to work with her. Sometimes she must be reminded to put her toys back in her work area, but usually she keeps her space quite tidy. A born professional, she instinctively knows how to treat human beings.